Through our donation of a '58 at the Esquire House we have become a proud sponsor of VH1's Save the Music Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in America’s public schools by restoring music programs in cities across the country, and raising public awareness about the importance of music participation for our nation’s youth. The guitar is currently up for auction and proceeds will go to the foundation.

The 58 has made its way to the west coast appearing in Esquire Magazine's 17000 sqare foot, Ultimate Bachelor Pad located in Beverly Hills. Read more on the story at the events page.

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The 58 recently made its television debut on September 13th, 2006. If you missed it, ya gotta see it. Click here to see the entire segment.

 The 58 makes an appearance on the fifth episode of "Shooting Cars". Originally aired Oct 18th, 8:30 pm in an episode titled "I Am Legend", when Ben and Dina present Gino with his very own 58. Read more about it on the events page and check the rerun schedule.

New updates on the Crew Page. Come see who's who at ECG.

Go to the Artist's Page to see a Video Performance of Ronny Lako Demonstrating a 58 and Hear it's Rockin' Sound.

Shown above is Custom Colors "Rachel Red"
Custom made and handcrafted. Modeled after the great tail fin designs of the fifties.

East Coast Guitars is now taking orders on the new "58"

Several Custom Finishes to choose from.
See the details on the products page.

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